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All my own music in one playlist:

The DJ and producer WhiteCapMusic (Ramón Liebsch) from Chemnitz, Germany presents you all the colors in the electronic dance music.
Starting 2018 with the homie Eric, they dropped tunes on labels such as Golden Chocolate, Seveneves, Swutch Music, Future House Cloud, You Love Dance and Soave.
Over time WhiteCapMusic gained over millions of streams on Spotify and is listed on many of music compilations. After deep tracks like Stay With Me, Darkest Hour (Don’t Go), Wonderful Life or the techno bomb with KARKIL called Koyaanisqatsi they release a new hit with stay:us, and Niklas Dee called Moonlight Shadow. As a rocket start in 2023 his new track got featured in Spotifys SLAP! playlist. The recent release Higher Up with Maxim Schunk was added to New Music Friday Deutschland, New Music Friday Switzerland and Dance Brandneu. More great music is coming soon. 💛✨😃

All of the music can be found in the This Is WhiteCapMusic playlist. 😃

To update the fans with the freshest music out there, Ramón upload the WhiteCapMusic Radio Show with the freshest music out of the electronic scene.
Also the playlists on Spotify All Colours Of EDM, Club Groove by WhiteCapMusic and Dark Flowers by WhiteCapMusic are everytime up to date.
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So stay safe, listen to good music and enjoy All Colors Of EDM!

My playlist for deep and melodic house music

more clubby and groovy vibes here